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About me

Hello. My name is Tony and I am currently studying Photography at Blackburn College, Blackburn, UK on the University Arts London Level 3 Photography course (UAL 3). I am based in Blackburn, Lancashire.

I take a camera with me pretty much every time I leave the house.

Although I have been taking photographs for a long time, I am now looking to go into commercial photography and become a full time photographer.

I like to photograph anything but specialise in photographing dogs either on their own with backdrops and light, in a family setting or outside at a venue of your choice. If you are a member of a club such as obedience or agility then give me a call and I'll come and photograph your dogs.

I also particularly like photographing events such as country fairs.

I also take photographs with both film (black and white) as well as digital. I develop and print my own film photographs. Although very time consuming, I find film photography very rewarding and it sharpens the photographic senses! 

I am looking to get more experience professionally so if you have a requirement for photographing your pets, would be prepared to have a second photographer at your wedding (or know someone willing to give it a whirl) or would like some portrait/family photography, please get in touch.

Thank you for visiting my site (powered by Smugmug by the way) and feel free to have a good look around the galleries. Please feel free to leave any comments on any photographs.

If you have any queries then please ring Tony on 07877 312948

Or email whitehallphoto@btinternet.com.

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